Livro digital Gérard - Five Years with Depardieu

Gérard - Five Years with Depardieu — Ebook

Autor : Mathieu Sapin
Publicação : 19/02/2020
Idioma : English
Editora : Europe Comics
Coleções : Gérard
ISBN : 9791032809990
Categorias : Quadrinhos & graphic novels / Não-Ficção / Biografia & Memórias
Mathieu Sapin has made a career as a nonfiction cartoon chronicler. In a blend of witty, insightful diary and documentary vérité, he has tackled topics from moviemaking to the making of a presidential campaign, and provided behind-the-scenes looks at the presidential Palais d'Élysée. But the French government is no match for his latest subject: larger-than-life film star Gérard Depardieu, the most famous Frenchman in the world! From Azerbaijan to Bavaria, passing through Moscow and Portugal, Sapin tags along on a wild ride, creating a faithful portrait of a man full of contradictions.

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