Livro digital Sisco - Volume 5 - Kalashnikov Diplomacy

Sisco - Volume 5 - Kalashnikov Diplomacy — Ebook

Autor : Benec
Publicação : 18/10/2017
Idioma : English
Páginas : 46
Editora : Europe Comics
Coleções : Sisco
ISBN : 9791032804292
Categorias : Quadrinhos & graphic novels / CRIME & MISTÉRIO, Quadrinhos & graphic novels / GERAL
When his troops come under fire from Albanian human-traffickers, the French President decides to ask the UN Security Council to step in—which means Sisco gets a trip to the Big Apple. However, what promises to be an all-in vacation, complete with classy embassy women, soon turns into a nightmare as the Albanian mafia and their suspicious US "partners" turn the high-level meeting into a no-holds-barred turf war. Nothing Sisco can't take in his stride, of course—except for the fact that someone close to his heart is caught in the crossfire...

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