Khela Ghor, Play House Volume VI — Ebook

Autor : Nur Alom
Publicação : 16/06/2021
Idioma : English
Páginas : 66
Editora : Editions Edilivre
Coleções : Collection Classique / Edilivre
ISBN : 9782414526833
Categorias : Viagem / GERAL

Play House, Volume VI, continues the story of Nur, who now decides to return to India and his homeland, Bangladesh, to visit his ailing mother, hopefully get her some medical treatment and visit his beloved father’s grave. His troubles begin almost immediately upon his arrival in India, where he is denied a visa to enter Bangladesh, and is also denied a visa for his mother to come to Calcutta for medical treatment.

On top of that, he finds he is being followed by strangers, fed bad food in restaurants, and treated badly by waiters. He decides he will have to sneak into Bangladesh illegally, since his papers were stolen. And that turns out be to easier said than done.

Will Nur be successful in getting back to Shariatpur, and if he gets there, what will he find when he arrives?

Read on to discover the further adventures of our intrepid hero.

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