For Planet, People & Profit — Ebook

Autor : Hubert Antoine
Publicação : 16/06/2022
Idioma : English
Páginas : 141
Editora : Autrement
Coleções : Essais
ISBN : 9782080281500
Categorias : Ciência / CIÊNCIAS DA VIDA / ECOLOGIA, Natureza / ENSAIOS
Amid all the naysayers, pessimists and finger pointers, an alternative point of view exists, one that is optimistic and forward looking: the vision of entrepreneurs who believe they can change the world with the pursuit and development of badly needed innovations that can address the problems of today and tomorrow. In 2011, Antoine Hubert created Ÿnsect, a pioneering enterprise devoted to the cultivation and transformation of insects into the commercial products that will help feed the 9 billion people who will inhabit the planet by 2050. Ten years on, Ÿnsect is among the world leaders in its sector and boasts an impressive balance sheet of environmental sustainability. Free of starry eyed idealism or ecological taboos, motivated by his environmental and social principles, Antoine Hubert offers a new business model with Ÿnsect, a model that harmonizes the pursuit of profit with the preservation of the planet, a model that places technology at the service of the environment.

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