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Apa/Mla Guidelines (Speedy Study Guides) — Ebook

Autor : Speedy Publishing
Publicação : 21/06/2014
Idioma : English
Páginas : 4
Editora : Dot EDU
Coleções : APA Manual Edition
ISBN : 9781633836198
Categorias : Obras de referência / HABILIDADES DE ESCRITA

APA/MLA Guidelines provide writers with the information that they need to present their research findings correctly in APA/MLA formatted papers. Because both styles require in-text citations, confusion may set in when writing a paper in MLA. The use of the Guideline will allow you to decide quickly between APA: (Johnson, 2010) or MLA: (Johnson 25). Such information at your fingertips will end the waste of time searching for information and allow you to present a strong credible paper.

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