Balance Sheet Management — Ebook

Squeezing Extra Profits and Cash from Your Business

Autor : Nunes A Morris
Publicação : 28/07/2018
Idioma : English
Páginas : 308
Editora : Beard Group, Inc.
ISBN : 9781587983078
Categorias : Economia & negócios / FINANÇAS CORPORATIVAS

Building and maintaining a sound balance sheet is pivotal for the continued success of any company. Nunes demonstrates how sound management of assets, liabilities, and equity is the dynamic ingredient of a company's progress. In Balance Sheet Management, he provides an overall strategy to promote efficient operating profitability, where earnings will be of tangible quality. The development of management concepts is the underpinning within which are 12 tactical chapters, each with its own theme. Some of the areas covered are: successful cash management, precision in inventory adequacy, controlling pitfalls in credit extension, streamlining accounts receivable collection, systematic management of fixed assets, and mastering capital objectives, to name a few.

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