Presenting Statistical Results Effectively — Ebook

Autores : David A. Armstrong Ii, Robert Andersen
Publicação : 27/10/2050
Idioma : English
Páginas : 288
Editora : SAGE Publications Ltd
ISBN : 9781473944169
Categorias : Ciências sociais / PESQUISA

Presenting Statistical Results Effectively provides an overview on the key methods for analysing advanced statistical data and then systematically tackles the topic of how to effectively present results from statistical models. It is unique in its emphasis on understanding and communication while at the same time considering important statistical theory, and in so doing provides an essential resource for advanced students and researchers across the social and behavioural sciences working with statistical data.

Throughout the book, generalized linear models and various extensions (e.g., mixed models) are given a major emphasis. The authors then demonstrate how relationships, differences, and effects can be clearly communicated using tables and graphs of fitted values derived from these statistical models. All of the examples and analyses presented in the book are done using three statistical software packages: R, Stata and SPSS. The authors give attention to effective presentation both for publication in academic journals and oral presentations.

Presenting Statistical Results Effectively takes a very different approach to understanding statistical theory and presenting statistical data and will be a very useful text for advanced students and researchers, across the social and behavioural sciences, throughout the world.

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