Infrastructure Development and Urban Facilities in Lagos, 1861-2000

Auteur : Ayodeji Olukoju (Auteur)
Publication : 05/04/2013
Langue : English
Éditeur : IFRA-Nigeria
Collections : African Dynamics
ISBN : 9791092312225
Catégories : Science sociale / Sociologie / Urbain

This book is the first comprehensive analysis on the history of infrastructural development and urban policies in Lagos since the colonial annexation to date. I think that the author faced almost three challenges to write it. It was necessary to consider a long term analysis (one century and a half), to take into consideration the growing size of the city – the biggest in the south of the Sahara since the 1960s – and, finally, to inquire into three key infrastructural sectors: water supply, electricity supply and transportation system. Both fascinating and depressing issues for town planners and officials; Lagos is probably one of very few cities with more than five million inhabitants without mass transportation system.

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