Geographies of Contact

Britain, the Middle East and the Circulation of Knowledge

Auteurs : ,

Hélène Ibata (Éditeur)

Fanny Moghaddassi (Éditeur)

Caroline Lehni (Éditeur)

Nader Nasiri-Moghaddam (Éditeur)

Publication : 14/10/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 292
Éditeur : Presses universitaires de Strasbourg
Collections : Études orientales, slaves et néo-helléniques
ISBN : 9791034404728
Catégories : Histoire / Général

This interdisciplinary collection of essays, in keeping with recent historiographic approaches to East-West cultural relations, focuses on the material and spatial conditions of cultural encounters between Britain and the Middle East, from the late Middle Ages to the dawn of the twentieth century. By exploring a diversity of contexts and sites of encounter (from cosmopolitan cities to private collections), and by underlining the manifold nature of cultural exchanges connected with them, the essays outline the dynamic and complex interplay which contributed to the circulation of knowledge between these regions. They also bring together a variety of practices (diplomatic, geographical, aesthetic, archaeological, literary or commercial) in order to highlight the multi-layered dimension of these cultural transfers and exchanges.

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