Livre numérique The Archipelago on Fire - Part 2

The Archipelago on Fire - Part 2 — Ebook

Auteurs : Vlachos Giorgos ,
Publication : 23/08/2023
Langue : English
Éditeur : Europe Comics
Collections : The Archipelago on Fire
ISBN : 9791032814505
Catégories : Bande dessinée / Adaptations, Bande dessinée / Fiction historique
A sweeping tale of love and war based on the adventure novel by Jules Verne.A free Greece is emerging from the ashes of four centuries of subjugation. The fight against piracy and the slave markets of the Aegean is one of the priorities of the newborn state. The story begins a few days before the decisive naval battle of Navarino, where the allied forces of Great Britain, France, and Russia are set to put an end to the naval domination of the Ottoman fleet off the Greek coasts. Against this historical backdrop, in British-held Corfu, a naval adventure unfolds in the archipelago that is literally ignited by the salvos of cannons and pirate onslaughts. At the same time, the French lieutenant Henry d'Albaret, in ruthless pursuit of the renegade pirate Nikolas Starkos, seeks to find his beloved Angelina, who has mysteriously disappeared...

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