Livre numérique Falafel with Hot Sauce

Falafel with Hot Sauce — Ebook

Auteur : Michel Kichka
Publication : 20/11/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Europe Comics
Collections : Falafel with Hot Sauce
ISBN : 9791032809358
Catégories : Bande dessinée / Nonfiction / Biographie et mémoire
Acclaimed political cartoonist and comic book author Michel Kichka (Second Generation) brings us the fascinating, informative, and uplifting autobiographical tale of his love affair with Israel, a land he was inspired to move to at the age of twenty. From culture shock and Israeli customs to the mandatory military service, from art school to political conflict and human tragedies, he delivers a richly detailed account of his life as an artist, family man, peace advocate and Belgian Jew turned Israeli, living in the beautiful and troubled city of Jerusalem.

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