Livre numérique Spirou by Émile Bravo - The Diary of a Naive Young Man

Spirou by Émile Bravo - The Diary of a Naive Young Man — Ebook

Auteurs : Bravo ,
Publication : 21/11/2018
Langue : English
Éditeur : Europe Comics
Collections : Spirou by Émile Bravo
ISBN : 9791032807057
Catégories : Fiction jeunesse / Bande dessinée / Action et aventure
Summer 1939, Brussels. The orphaned teenager Spirou is working as a bellboy at a fancy hotel, living in a small apartment with his pet squirrel, Spip, and taking his first steps into the land of romance with a girl whose name he doesn't even know. Meanwhile, the world is rushing headlong towards war. Conflict is not inevitable, however, as Polish diplomats have agreed to meet the Nazis at Spirou's hotel in a last-ditch effort to prevent war. Communist spies, Nazi ambitions, and ridiculous reporters can't stop Spirou's naïve mind from outsmarting them all—and possibly saving the world! If only he can get a little help.

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