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Everything Connected through (K)nothing

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Publication : 12/06/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 904
Éditeur : WSPC
Collections : Series on Knots and Everything
ISBN : 9789813233577
Catégories : Science / Théorie des systèmes, Mathématiques / Géometrie / Général, Mathématiques / Topologie

In this richly illustrated book, the contributors describe the Mereon Matrix, its dynamic geometry and topology. Through the definition of eleven First Principles, it offers a new perspective on dynamic, whole and sustainable systems that may serve as a template information model. This template has been applied to a set of knowledge domains for verification purposes: pre-life-evolution, human molecular genetics and biological evolution, as well as one social application on classroom management.

The importance of the book comes in the following ways:

  • The dynamics of the geometry unites all Platonic and Kepler Solids into one united structure and creates 11 unique trefoil knots. Its topology is directly related to the dynamics of the polyhedra.
  • The Mereon Matrix is an approach to the unification of knowledge that relies on whole systems modelling. it is a framework charting the emergence of the Platonic and Kepler solids in a sequential, emergent growth process that describes a non-linear whole system, and includes a process of 'breathing' as well as multiplying ('birthing');
  • This dynamic/kinematic structure provides insight and a new approach to General Systems Theory and non-linear science, evolving through a new approach to polyhedral geometry. A set of 11 First Principles is derived from the structure, topology and dynamics of the Mereon Matrix, which serve well as a template information model.
  • The Mereon Matrix is related to a large number of systems, physical, mathematical, and philosophical, and in linking these systems, provides access to new relationships among them by combining geometry with process thinking. The new perspective on systems is hypothesized as universal — this is, applicable in all areas of science, natural and social. Such applicability has been demonstrated for applications as diverse as pre-life evolution, biological evolution and human molecular genetics, as well as a classroom management system for the educational system.
  • Care has been taken to use images and languaging that are understandable across domains, connecting diverse disciplines, while making this complex system easily accessible.
  • Prologues:
    • Sustainability: Mathematical Elegance, Solid Science and Social Grace (L Dennis and L H Kauffman)
    • Lynnclaire Dennis & R Buckminster Fuller Investigation (R W Gray)
    • The Matrix We Call Mereon (L H Kauffman)
  • First Things First :
    • Building on the Known: A Quintessential Jitterbug (L Dennis, J Brender McNair, N J Woolf and L H Kauffman)
    • Methodology (J Brender McNair and L Dennis)
    • Philosophical Thoughts and Thinking Aloud Allowed (L Dennis)
    • Belonging — Education as Transformation (L Dennis)
    • Meme, Pattern and Perspective (L Dennis, N J Woolf and L H Kauffman)
  • Including and Beyond the Point:
    • The Context — Form Informing Function (L Dennis, J Brender McNair, N J Woolf and L H Kauffman)
    • Flow and Scale (L Dennis and L H Kauffman)
    • The Core — Sharp Distinctions to Elegant Curves (L Dennis and L H Kauffman)
  • Connections, Ligatures and Knots:
    • Mereon Thoughts — Knots and Beyond (L H Kauffman)
    • The Mereon Trefoil — Asymmetrical with Perfect Symmetry (L Dennis)
  • Applying Mereon to Knowledge Domains:
    • Exploring the Mereon Matrix (and Beyond) with the CymaScope Technology (L Dennis and P McNair)
    • The Origin of Matter: Life, Learning and Survival (N J Woolf and L Dennis)
    • ATCG — An Applied Theory for Human MoleCular Genetics (J Brender McNair, P McNair, L Dennis and Z Tümer)
    • A Unifying Theory of Biological Evolution (J Brender McNair)
    • Epilogue: Divine Architecture & the Art of Becoming Human (L Dennis)
  • Reference Material:
    • Definition of Key Concepts (L Dennis and J Brender McNair)
    • The Emergent Science of Cymatics (J S Reid)
    • Bibliography

Readership: Researchers in knot theory, geometry and systems theory.
Keywords:Knot Theory;Jitterbugs;Mereon Matrix;Platonic Solids;Kepler Solids;Topology;Dynamics;Pre-Life-Evolution;Biological Evolution;Genetics;Cymatics;Template Information Model;Information Modelling;System Theory;Classroom Management Model Review:Key Features:
  • It elaborates on several important aspects of General Systems Theory including nonlinearity
  • Offers a new way of modelling that can be applied across the sciences. For instance, it has been applied to explain pre-life evolution from the Big Bang, and it enabled a unification of all theories on biological evolution from Lamarck and Darwin till today
  • Each chapter is self-contained and explained relative to Mereon. Throughout, it provides references to scientific findings that are congruent with or expanded by Mereon; no contradicting evidence has been found

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