Topics in Lean Supply Chain Management — Ebook

Auteurs : Marc Schniederjans, Dara Schniederjans, Ray Qing Cao, Vicky Ching Gu
Publication : 30/01/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 432
Éditeur : WSPC
ISBN : 9789813230019
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Recherche opérationnelle, Entreprise et économie / Gestion de la production et des opérations, Entreprise et économie / Comportement organisationnel

The purpose of this book is to describe how lean and supply chain management can be combined to achieve world-class business performance. To accomplish this purpose, the book contains both basic material on lean and supply chain management, as well as content from current journal research findings, strategies, issues, concepts, philosophies, procedures, methodologies, and practices in managing a lean supply chain. Presented in a topical fashion, the chapters deal with a wide-range of subjects that support, nurture, and advance principles, concepts, and methodologies of lean supply chain management.

  • Introduction to Lean and Supply Chain Management:
    • Lean
    • Supply Chains
    • The Nexus of Lean and Supply Chain Management
  • Topics in Lean Supply Chain Management:
    • Topics in Lean Supply Chain Leadership
    • Strategic Customer Value Focus in Lean Supply Chain Management
    • Topics in Aligning Lean Supply Chain Strategy, Tactics, and Operational Plans
    • Ethics, Trust, and Collaboration Topics in Lean Supply Chains
    • Topics in Globalization and Cultural Impacts on Lean Supply Chains
    • Topics in Lean Supply Chain Information Systems
    • Topics in Lean Supply Chain New Product Development
    • Topics is Lean Supply Chain E-commerce
    • Topics in Lean Supply Chain Outsourcing
    • Topics in Sustainable Lean Supply Chains
    • Topics in Building Agile and Flexible Lean Supply Chains

Readership: Undergraduates, Graduates, academics and consultants who are interested to know more about lean supply chain management.
Keywords:Lean;Lean Management;Supply Chain;Supply Chain ManagementReview:Key Features:
  • This is a topical book, that focuses in-depth on the Lean topics that are covered
  • This book covers many of the newer Lean topics that are the focus point for Lean firms today
  • The chapters of this book has been updated with current literature and even include the most recent advances in Lean-related technology (some of which have yet to be implemented but are in the planning stages)

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