INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique Two classic novels Sagittarius will love

Two classic novels Sagittarius will love — Ebook

Auteurs : Robert Louis Stevenson, Gustave Flaubert, August Nemo
Publication : 10/05/2020
Langue : English
Pages : 364
Éditeur : Tacet Books
Collections : Two classic novels for your zodiac sign
ISBN : 9783968587868
Catégories : Spiritualité et ésotérisme / Astrologie / Horoscopes

Astrology can provide us with important insights for many moments in our lives. When it comes to choosing a good book, it wouldn't be any different! In this series we choose novels to entertain and stir the imagination of each zodiac sign. In this book you will find two classic novels specially selected for the optimistic and generous Sagittarius. For a more complete experience, be sure to also read the anthologies of your rising sign and moon sign! This book contains: - Treasure Island. - Madame Bovary.

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