INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique The Desert Valley

The Desert Valley — Ebook

Auteur : Jackson Gregory
Publication : 02/07/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 179
Éditeur : Librorium Editions
ISBN : 9783966612371
Catégories : Fiction / Action et aventure

The Desert Valley is set in the desert country of Arizona and New Mexico. Professor James Longstreet and his daughter Helen have come west to prospect for gold. They encounter a mysterious campfire, with bacon cooking and coffee boiling, but no camper to be found. Later, they meet Alan Howard of the old Diaz Rancho, who tells them the camper left in a hurry, as though pursued, and mentions an Indian legend of the god Pookhonghoya, who hunts the souls of enemies with a strange wolflike companion.

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