INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique The Bronze Hand (Serapis Classics)

The Bronze Hand (Serapis Classics) — Ebook

Auteur : Anna Katharine Green
Publication : 13/11/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 111
Éditeur : Serapis Classics
ISBN : 9783963135545
Catégories : Fiction / Policier et mystère / Femme policière

HER room was on the ground floor of the house we mutually inhabited, and mine directly above it, so that my opportunities for seeing her were limited to short glimpses of her auburn head as she leaned out of the window to close her shutters at night or open them in the morning. Yet our chance encounter in the hall or on the walk in front, had made so deep an impression upon my sensibilities that I was never without the vision of her pale face set off by the aureole of reddish brown hair, which, since my first meeting with her, had become for me the symbol of everything beautiful, incomprehensible and strange...

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