Livre numérique Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses — Ebook

Auteur : Hypatia
Publication : 29/05/2017
Langue : English
Éditeur : éditions Soleb
ISBN : 9782918157199
Catégories : Mathématiques / Jeux et détente, Art / Conceptuel, Art / Numérique

An ever-changing book.

This book is different each time you open it. The pages change each time they are read, either slightly, either in a more radical way.

Each page has a specific logic. Some are just patterns, some hide mathematical theorems or properties, etc. It's up to you to explore and discover.

The whole book will be updated regularly: more pages can be added, or more variants for existing pages could be implemented. Each time the book is updated, its price will double, but once you've purchased the book, all future editions will be yours at no additional costs: purchase early!

This books requires a JavaScript-capable ePub reader like iBooks on iOS (iPad) or MacOS.

Version 1 — 7 pages.

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