Livre numérique Awakening the Manager in you!

Awakening the Manager in you! — Ebook

We are all managers of our own lives

Auteur : Patrice Fabart
Publication : 15/01/2015
Langue : English
Pages : 288
Éditeur : Éditions EMS
Collections : Pratiques d'entreprises
ISBN : 9782847695182
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Management

This book is for anyone with authority, or destined to be involved in a hierarchical or functional authority whose objective is improving how they manage. It will also be of interest to anyone hoping to better understand themselves and blossom professionally as well as personally. Aren’t we all the managers of our own lives?

The AEC Method provides an original four step model for all professionals working in a corporate context to develop people within their role-functions for an optimal efficiency:

1. Increasing our awareness of our strengths and weaknesses as individuals and within our job function.

2. Becoming more flexible yet remaining true to ourselves while respecting our limits.

3. Becoming more aware of others (colleagues, employees, managers), in their strengths and their weaknesses, both as individuals and within their professional role-functions.

4. Including and taking the situation into account.

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