INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique White Paper — Open Science in a Digital Republic — Strategic Guide

White Paper — Open Science in a Digital Republic — Strategic Guide — Ebook

Study Review and Proposals for Implementing the Act

Auteur : Scientific And Technical Information Department - Cnrs (Auteur)
Publication : 31/01/2017
Langue : English
Éditeur : OpenEdition Press
Collections : Laboratoire d'idées
ISBN : 9782821878433
Catégories : Science politique / Politique publique / Politique culturelle

These Study Review and Proposals have been designed to structure and facilitate the implementation of the Act: they therefore concur with the positions adopted by the sponsors of the White Paper Open Science in a Digital Republic, who all clearly wish to associate this new vision for research with practices that will enable it to become a reality. As a supplementary report to the White Paper, these Guidelines aim to assist players in what are often complex procedures: researchers, technicians, publishers and users of the results of public science now need to move forward in the same spirit of discovery that characterises the major digital projects for science. First among these is the ISTEX Investments for the Future project, which is the driving force.

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