Studying food and eaters — Ebook

A cocktail of perspectives and methods

Auteurs : Tristan Fournier, Olivier Lepiller, Muriel Figuié, Nicolas Bricas
Publication : 26/12/2023
Langue : English
Pages : 218
Éditeur : Quae
Collections : Update Sciences & technologies
ISBN : 9782759236640
Catégories : Science sociale / Sociologie / Général

Multidisciplinary work which presents research methods and reflections on food (consumption, preparation, food intake), when eaters are placed at the center of the study. The book has 15 chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to a method. It presents its origin and its history and details the questions it answers, addresses its limitations, as well as its contribution to an integrated approach to food and eaters. A concrete application case is also systematically proposed.

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