Woman in dark — Ebook

Auteur : Toda-Jah.T
Publication : 21/05/2023
Langue : English
Éditeur : JL
ISBN : 9782491395827
Catégories : Fiction / Romance / Suspense

Ethan is having a wonderful morning with his wife, Esther. It is also their wedding anniversary. They have been talking about it and preparing for it for months. Married for more than seven years, it is true love, a real fairy tale never disturbed by life. Their great happiness: Lévi, their only son.

It is 1.30 pm, all the guests have already arrived. The MC announces the exit of the honoured guests. Ethan is already ready; alas! Esther is nowhere to be found. He is getting restless, his heart is beating a hundred times an hour and he is sweating profusely.

A strange disappearance,

No trace of Esther according to the police,

A husband torn in two.

A single conviction: to unravel the mystery of this disappearance.

From London to Mexico, let Dark Ride take you on a thrilling romance!

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