Livre numérique Dealing with the Boss (English version)

Dealing with the Boss (English version) — Ebook

Auteur : Roleo.F
Publication : 31/07/2022
Langue : English
Éditeur : JL
ISBN : 9782491143541
Catégories : Fiction / Romance / Contemporain, Art / Histoire / Général

Rick is the Arizona HR Manager, a Sydney-based Romance publisher. Handsome and seductive, it is the nightmare of all men, and the dream of women. Addicted to betting, his fortune pours in there regularly, blindfolded. The click occurs when the board of directors decides to update its by-law concerning the matrimonial status of those responsible. From now on, the position of director would only be held by a married man. A news that does not delight our Don Juan, immune to the heart throbs.

Léna is a draftsman and illustrator. She has no experience in the field. But she has been looking for a vacancy for ages. Tired of depending on a crazy sister, her life is oriented in the dark at every moment. Depressed and broken by the opinions of her family on her physique and her career orientation, she has a delay to leave the home of her eldest; to learn to get by on her own, as a true survivor. The clock is on.

After learning that his position is at stake, Rick decides to recruit Léna, then chooses. His condition: to be his wife for an indefinite time until things get back to normal. But Lena also wants to take advantage of it. She sets her requirements. Everything it takes to maneuver a man.

A deal at the terminals,

No feelings,

An indefinite period...

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