Livre numérique From Candide to Candide

From Candide to Candide — Ebook

The controversy of transhumanism

Auteur : Olivier Fournout
Publication : 31/05/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : SiKiT éditions
ISBN : 9782490516025
Catégories : Science sociale / Étude sur le futur, Fiction / Contes et légendes
In 2050, CC22 was 22 years old. He was the 22nd clone of Candide, who, by manipulating nanoparticles and the genome, made his fortune and mastered cloning. But CC22 did not live up to his father’s hopes. He rebelled in every possible way he could find. He praised idleness. Contemplated. Married Psalmonella. Wandered with a donkey on dark paths and in white zones. Ate unlimited cocoa-carpaccio. Changed his mantra every day. Fattened up... Can the capacities of living beings be infinitely enhanced? To what extent? What new, hybrid, metamorphosed entities are imaginable? How will they adapt? What technical, ethical and political horizon does transhumanism offer our shared humanity? From Candide To Candide, the Controversy of Transhumanism approaches these questions about the future of humanity in a dialogue between an anticipatory tale by Olivier Fournout, 36 original drawings by Hélène Paris and an approach via the social and human sciences (Daniel Kaplan and Olivier Fournout).

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