The Key to Save Our Humanity — Ebook

Road Map for a Fertile Revolution…

Auteur : Claude Traks
Publication : 15/11/2023
Langue : English
Éditeur : Éditions Communicare
ISBN : 9782490035052
Catégories : Psychologie / Général, Santé et bien-être / Général, Spiritualité et ésotérisme / Spiritualité / Chamanisme

If we want to stop the destruction of the planet and to live in a better world, we need a clear and concrete vision of what that better world could be. So, here's a concrete program for a revolution that will transform this destructive anti-civilization into a fertile paradise. What to change, what to replace it with, and, of course, how...

Before building the new world, we need to understand why this one didn't work. In fact, there is a "cause of all causes" for the chaotic state of our world. A cause that leads to almost every other causes. The main source, of non-necessary suffering and destruction in our "anti-civilization", is our so called, patriarchal culture. We live in an upside-down culture, because it is at odds with human nature.

Most people believe that the main characteristic of our so-called "patriarchal" culture is that men are the leaders, but it isn't true! The main characteristic of patriarchal culture is that it perverts souls to such an extent, that it leads to the destruction of all life. The ways of living and thinking in patriarchal cultures cloud consciousness by preventing people from connecting with their inner selves.

This has allowed us, to rediscover the greatest secret of our "civilization", which is that all "patriarchal" cultures/religions are misappropriations of the original Fertile culture, which integrates the sacred feminine and highlights the Divine mother. For example, the message of Mary Magdalene and Jesus was the fertile culture of the sacred feminine. Every detail of Catholic teachings is in total opposition to the messages of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The Vatican has quite simply stolen original Christianity. BUT IT IS ALSO the same scenario that happened in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. So, the Vatican and the religious authorities of ALL patriarchal religions are simply impostors.

But perhaps you'll tell me that you're not interested because you're not religious. But I'm not talking about beliefs here, but about a culture, in other words the way in which everyday life is organized. Those who call themselves "atheists" follow patriarchal religious injunctions on a daily basis without being aware of it.

I'm referring to very concrete things, like the way we love, make love, procreate, give birth, eat, sleep, raise children, have male/female relationships, breathe, commune with Nature and so on. Our patriarchal culture has even driven us to destroy the planet, conditioned us to "love upside down" and to fall in love with people we don't love!

Fertile cultures are above all cultures of freedom and true democracies in the sense that they empower individuals. Gnosis is the backbone of fertile cultures. It believes that “salvation” is achieved through knowledge, experience and self-development. Fertile cultures put the spiritual development, evolution and well-being of the individual first and foremost.

In this book, I propose a concrete program for the transition: what to do when we gain power in the fields of economics, social affairs, health, education, ecology, agriculture etc.

I will also share with you a different point of view with you on the last 5,000 years of Humanity's history. The true history of the world has been hidden from us, because that history is where THE key lies, to bringing about a truly Humane Humanity.

If you're ready to stand up for life and justice, but don't know how to do so, you'll find a proposal in this video.

You are an immortal being with almost unlimited powers, but until you become a protector of life and justice, the whole of creation will plot to prevent you regaining your magical powers and divine nature.

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