Divines, Beauties from classical mythology — Ebook

Auteurs : Guillaume Lebigot, - Rosalys ,
Publication : 24/01/2014
Langue : English
Pages : 60
Éditeur : Univers partagés editions
ISBN : 9782367500188
Catégories : Art / Artistes / Livres d'artiste, Fiction jeunesse / Contes et légendes / Général

Of great goddesses who created such a rich world,
Of nymphs who looked after nature and mores,
Of Heroines who wrote history with nobleness,
Accept their invitation, explore the values of their heart.

Let yourself be charmed by these divine beauties, by exploring Ancient Greece with japanese-inspired aesthetics. With voluptuous art from Fleur D. and Rosalys' lyrical pen, greek mythology has never been this limpid and delicious to contemplate.

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