Livre numérique The Complete Book of French Cooking

The Complete Book of French Cooking — Ebook

Auteurs : Vincent Boué, Hubert Delorme ,
Publication : 07/06/2023
Langue : English
Pages : 552
Éditeur : Flammarion
Collections : Pratique
ISBN : 9782080425546
Catégories : Cuisine / Général, Cuisine / Régional et ethnique / Français
Designed for use as a home cooking class, this essential guide to mastering French culinary techniques and recipes features: • 575 ILLUSTRATIONS, including 400 step-by-step photographs • 95 CULINARY TECHNIQUES AND KITCHEN SKILLS: cooking methods, cutting techniques, how to prepare vegetables, meat, and fish •100 BUILDING-BLOCK RECIPES for doughs and batters, stuffings, sweet and savory sauces, cake bases and fillings, and more • 165 ICONIC FRENCH RECIPES for appetizers, fish and shellfish, poultry, meats, vegetables, cheese, and desserts, graded for complexity with a three-star rating, including: Bouillabaisse, Sea bass in a salt crust, Bœuf bourguignon, Salade Niçoise, Ratatouille, Tarte Tatin, Raspberry charlotte, Opéra • PRACTICAL REFERENCES: illustrated guides to equipment, meat cuts, and French produce; conversion tables; extensive cross-references to techniques and recipes; glossary; detailed index • SIGNATURE RECIPES by nine Michelin-star chefs and culinary artisans: Stéphane Augé, Régis Marcon, Alain Passard, Gérald Passédat, Anne-Sophie Pic, Jean-François Piège, Didier Stéphan, Xavier Thuret, Yves Thuriès. HUBERT DELORME and VINCENT BOUÉ are professional chefs and instructors at a French culinary school. PAUL BOCUSE was a legendary three Michelin-star chef.

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