INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique Hiroshima

Hiroshima — Ebook

Auteur : John Hersey
Publication : 14/08/2015
Langue : English
Pages : 96
Éditeur : Stellar Editions
ISBN : 9781987817430
Catégories : Histoire / Militaire / Seconde guerre mondiale

Hiroshima is John Hersey's timeless and compassionate account of the catastrophic event which heralded the coming of the atomic age. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author went to Japan, while the ashes of Hiroshima were still warm, to interview the survivors of the first atomic bombing. His trip resulted in this world-famous document, the most significant piece of journalism of modern times. "Nothing that can be said about this book," The New York Times wrote, "can equal what the book has to say. It speaks for itself, and in an unforgettable way, for humanity."

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