Death of an Ego — Ebook

A Memoir of Short Non-Fiction Stories

Auteur : Kwanna Bradley
Publication : 10/01/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 52
Éditeur : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781984568212
Catégories : Biographie et autobiographie / Mémoires personnels

Growing up on the fierce streets of Chicago’s southeast side and staying alive was no easy task for an around-the-way girl. With broken dreams lying in the gutter, survival became her only goal to be accomplished. Adopting a life of crime, gang affiliation, addiction, and prostitution at an early age only plunged Kwanna deeper into the abyss of despair and failure. One day she woke up at the age of forty to realize what a mess she had made with her life. After a lifetime of being tangled in a self-made web of self-affliction, self-destruction and self-sabotage, she finally cut herself free from the bondage that has held her bound to unfortunate circumstances and unnecessary tribulations, escaping the inevitable wrath of incarceration, insanity, and death. She was determined to save herself and rewrite her story so that she might teach others who are struggling with their very own selves. She learned how to self-heal herself through spirituality. After discovering that her ego played a major role in her decision-making process, which led to a series of destructive episodes and negative behavior patterns, she came to a conclusion that the only way she would be truly free was to kill her ego.

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