Pearls of Ancient Wisdom — Ebook

Auteur : Viviana Siddhi
Publication : 09/01/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 202
Éditeur : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781984566096
Catégories : Poésie / Général

“Viviana Siddhi’s Pearls of Ancient Wisdom explores a basic truth: that the only constant in life is change. Writing poetry brings Viviana joy and is a way to go deeper into an experience and receive information that is transformational” (World Poetry Moment). “The poetry of Viviana Siddhi represents an inspiring translation of this unceasing flow of life’s wisdom that permeates and embraces us humans and all other beings in the universe” (Author Marko Pogacnik). “Viviana Siddhi’s poems are like images . . . Think about a lotus . . . The material used for making the lotus has the image of the lotus, and it was covered with some other concept, but Viviana removed the cover and showed the image of the lotus to the world” (Yoga master Baiju Muthunasan). “Viviana’s new book shall help guide many upon their path, and it is with personal recommendation that all those pursuing the path of light read her words to become inspired by one who is truly walking in light and love” (Rev. Dr. James Capers). “In addition to Viviana Siddhi’s excellent scholastic accomplishments, she has proven her leadership ability within her Foundation as a Spiritual Leader, Sacred Artist, Yogini, and a Poet” (Leroy A. Spang, president, Northern Cheyenne Tribe). “Masterpiece” (Publish America).

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