INDISPONIBLE Livre numérique In Bloom, Not Broken

In Bloom, Not Broken — Ebook

Auteur : Katie Houghton
Publication : 09/03/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 258
Éditeur : Eliezer Tristan Publishing
ISBN : 9781949351378
Catégories : Psychologie / Général

Author Katie Houghton makes her debut in this raw, honest memoir about
surviving life when living seems no longer an option. Houghton
revisits her past and looks beyond to her future as a person living
with mental illness, sharing with the reader a message of hope driven
by sheer audacity. Through personal writings spanning years, Ms.
Houghton invites us into the mind of a troubled young woman navigating
through the hostile, barren landscape of depression entirely by feel,
driven by her insatiable will to survive no matter the obstacles in
her way.

As the author guides the reader through her journey, she offers candid
self-examinations of her actions, behaviors, and experiences against
the backdrop of a tumultuous childhood and adolescence marked by
family upheaval and undiagnosed mental illness. In detailing her
subsequent experiences with self-harm and substance abuse, the author
offers a compassionate perspective on life lived in spite of adversity
before her eventual redemption through mental health treatment.
Inspiring and thought-provoking, advocates, treatment professionals,
and general readers alike will be moved by Ms. Houghton’s perseverance
despite the rabidity of her personal demons.

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