Goodnight Krampus — Ebook

Auteurs : Kyle Sullivan ,
Publication : 11/09/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 30
Éditeur : Hazy Dell Press
Collections : Hazy Dell Press Monster Series
ISBN : 9781948931977
Catégories : Fiction jeunesse / Monstres, Fiction jeunesse / Histoires en vers*, Fiction jeunesse / Bedtime & Dreams, Fiction jeunesse / Vacances et fêtes / Noël et Avant
  • Created by identical twin brothers (Kyle is the author and Derek is the illustrator), Goodnight Krampus is their first follow-up to their regionally successful debut, Monster ABC.
  • Goodnight Krampus is their adorable take on the Bavarian Christmas demon, Krampus, a character that has attained a level of serious cultural cache on the internet over the past few years, even getting his own major motion picture in 2015.
  • As Monster ABC taught us, monsters don't have to be scary—and Krampus is no exception. Re-imagined for young children as a gently mischievous youngster, little Krampus takes the form of an overexcited child on Christmas Eve who's too excited to sleep. Visually inspired by the classic Rankin/Bass stop-motion Christmas movies, this bedtime story is a whimsical ode to Christmas excitement.
  • Appeals to children and parents alike with a scenario that both sides can identify with: a tired parent’s frantic attempts to convince an overexcited youngster that sometimes going to bed is in the best interests of everyone.
  • Derek and Kyle decided to make Krampus the star of their first follow-up to Monster ABC, as he was the runaway favorite from Monster ABC that fans mentioned and discussed the most at author events.
  • Written in thoughtfully crafted verses with a playful lullaby cadence, Goodnight Krampus was carefully created to become a bedtime favorite no matter what time of year it is.
  • Due to the character’s popularity, there is a glut of Krampus books on the market, most of which have been hastily created to exploit a new cultural icon. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations, lovely verses, and cast of side characters, Goodnight Krampus is certain to become a beloved holiday classic.
  • The internet discovered Krampus a few years ago, and it hasn’t shut up about it since. In only a few short years, the Bavarian mythological creature (the yin to Santa’s yang) has skyrocketed from obscure to omnipresent. Krampus is having his cultural moment in America as a delightfully wicked counterbalance to Santa’s unyielding goodness. He is celebrated all over the country on Christmas sweaters, greeting cards, scares, and even in a 2015 feature film.
  • By the author and illustrator team who created Monster ABC, Get Dressed, Sasquatch!, Hush Now, Banshee! and Don't Eat Me, Chupacabra! (¡No Me Comas, Chupacabra!)
  • The second book in the Hazy Dell Press Monster Series, the other titles including Monster ABC (2018), Get Dressed, Sasquatch! (2018), Hush Now, Banshee! (2018) and Don't Eat Me, Chupacabra! (¡No Me Comas, Chupacabra!) (2018).
  • By the illustrator of Party Croc! (Albert Whitman, 2015)
  • Awards and accolades for Goodnight Krampus include:
  • Seattle Times ShopNW Holiday Gift Guide (2017)
  • 30 full-color illustrations
  • Much longer, more robust and detailed than most children’s board books
  • Hefty, durable weight

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