Suspension — Ebook

Auteurs : Paige Riehl ,
Publication : 28/08/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 100
Éditeur : Terrapin Books
Collections : Terrapin Poetry
ISBN : 9781947896048
Catégories : Famille / Adoption et accueil, Poésie / Américain / Général

Suspension is that rare book of poetry, as much a narrative as a collection of individually successful lyrics. We follow here the extraordinary events of a life and the visions of the one/the many living it. We end, as in life, so far from where we began that a true sense of progress is made in the reading of this poetry, and yet we’ve lingered, meditated, listened, because this is work made mostly of imagery and music, subtlety and unflinching consideration. These are poems to return to again and again, written by a poet of unique powers. —Laura Kasischke

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