Secret Friends — Ebook

Auteur : Marie Cole
Publication : 13/10/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 250
Éditeur : Marie Cole
Collections : Just Friends
ISBN : 9781947131033
Catégories : Fiction / Romance / New Adult, Fiction / Romance / Comédie romantique, Fiction / Romance / Contemporain

Psh! Me, James Montgomery, the half-Italian stud-muffin fall in love? Never gonna happen.

Why? Because I've got rules.

Rule #1: Family comes first.

Rule #2: Never take anything too seriously.

Rule #3: Carpe diem.

Nothing is going to make me go back on my rules. Not even my best friend's little sister. I won't obsess over her. I'm James F*cking Montgomery and I don't do love.

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