Getting Healthier — Ebook

The New Paradigm in Health Care

Auteurs : Dr. Martin Gelman ,
Publication : 24/03/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 104
Éditeur : Martin Gelman
ISBN : 9781946875082
Catégories : Santé et bien-être / Acupression et acupuncture, Santé et bien-être / Général, Santé et bien-être / Guérison

With all of the modern disruption and controversy in health care, new models which are patient-centered are appearing. And now, after 40 years as an accomplished nephrologist, Dr. Martin Gelman has decided to expand his practice and modernize the health care for his patients to not only make them healthy again, but to make them healthier.

  • What’s the difference between getting healthy and getting healthier?
  • Why does it take a variety of approaches to achieve maximum health?
  • What are those different approaches?
  • And what are the benefits not just of each approach, but of them working together?

It’s all here, in this short, enjoyable read, yet you may never look at your health care or yourself the same again. Find out why Dr. Gelman, with his vast experience and insight, has designed this new approach, and find out how you can start enjoying it, for yourself and for those you love.

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