The Restless Hungarian — Ebook

Modernism, Madness, and The American Dream

Auteur : Tom Weidlinger
Publication : 16/04/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 256
Éditeur : SparkPress
ISBN : 9781943006977
Catégories : Science sociale / Émigration et immigration, Biographie et autobiographie / Mémoires personnels, Histoire / Juive

• Amid our current state of global unrest, enrollment in Jewish Studies has grown. At Dartmouth, nearly 25 percent of sophomores take Jewish Studies classes, and the Jewish Studies program at the University of Houston has been bolstered by an increased enrollment. • “Decades after it was the prevailing architectural mode of expression, Modernism is perhaps even more popular than in its post–World War II heyday,” writes David Hay in a article. “In the last two decades, objects created during [Modernism’s] era . . . have become ubiquitous. Magazines extol the houses designed by Modernist architects. New homes deemed highly faithful to this tradition are sought after.” • In March 2018, The New York Times published an article titled “It’s No Cold War, but Relations with Russia Turn Volatile,” and in May 2018, The New Yorker ran a piece titled “The Growing Dangers of the New Nuclear-Arms Race.” Today’s political climate has prompted countless comparisons with the geopolitical tensions of the second half of the twentieth century, so this book’s publication is timely: anyone interested in the ways in which today’s politics compare with those of the Cold War will be drawn to The Restless Hungarian. • Unearthing family history is popular in the United States today; a 2010 New Yorker article titled “Why Are Americans Mad About Genealogy?” states, “Genealogy is, depending on who you consult, either the fastest growing hobby in the U.S., the most popular pastime in the U.S., or just so hot right now.” AUDIENCE • Readers interested in the migration of Jews fleeing the Holocaust, as contrasted with the stories of family members who did not escape • Readers interested in architecture, especially the rise of modernism • Readers interested in the history of the Cold War and the paradox of fear and deterrence • Readers interested in family origins, how culture and history shape the people who are our grandparents, parents, and ultimately ourselves • Children of Holocaust survivors • Architecture enthusiasts

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