Broken and Blue — Ebook

A Policeman's Guide To Health, Healing and Hope

Auteur : Scott Silverii
Publication : 31/10/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 215
Éditeur : Five Stones, LLC
ISBN : 9781940499543
Catégories : Spiritualité et ésotérisme / Guérison / Prière et spirituel, Religion / Vie chrétienne / Guerre spirituelle, Biographie et autobiographie / Application de la loi

Chief of Police, Scott Silverii, PhD shares over twenty-five years of life behind the thin blue line. He understands firsthand that danger, destruction and despair on the job leave many of America's finest broken.

Broken and Blue: A Policeman's Guide to Health, Healing and Hope is the nation's leading resource for brothers in blue. Written by a cop, specifically for cops, Chief Silverii is not only an expert in police culture, but has overcome a life of personal pain caused by the same ideals police uphold as noble and defining of the alpha warrior tribe.

"Seeking help doesn't make you weak. It makes you whole, so you return stronger and better prepared to fight."

Officers carry past personal pain from dysfunctional family lives, horrors seen on the job, or on the job injuries. Wrapping pain inside of body armor won't make it go away. The stress of serving the public only compounds the unresolved wounds caused by others. Police officers protect the public, but now is the time for them to protect themselves.

Police officer depression, PTSD, addiction, domestic abuse and suicide continue to torment those who place others above themselves. Cops deserve better self-care, so they can provide better public service.

Broken and Blue was created to help officers understand what it means to live a life of freedom from the pain of a broken past. Chief Silverii leads America's Finest from a sacrificial life of service toward a renewed beginning based on health, healing, and hope.

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