The Summer of Dead Birds — Ebook

Auteur : Ali Liebegott
Publication : 12/03/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Amethyst Editions
ISBN : 9781936932511
Catégories : Poésie / LGBT, Fiction / Lesbien, Poésie / Sujets et thèmes / Famille, Poésie / Américain / Général
  • Book will come with French flaps
  • Newest title in Feminist Press's Amethyst Editions imprint
  • This book is a sister title to The Beautifully Worthless (City Lights), winner of the 2006 Lambda Literary Award for best lesbian debut fiction. Ali Liebegott has a cult following and a strong personal literary network that will help support this book.
  • Lesbian relationships rarely survive the death of a parent, Ali Liebegott's therapist tells her in the pages of this novel-in-verse. Despite Ali's defiance, the prediction comes true. In Summer of Dead Birds, she explores the toll of mental illness and grief on romantic partnerships—fragile things anyway—through a lesbian lens.

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