A thief in the night — Ebook

Auteur : Ernest William Hornung
Publication : 30/07/2016
Langue : English
Éditeur : Les Editions de Londres
ISBN : 9781910628867
Catégories : Fiction / Classiques

“A thief in the night” is a collection of short stories published in 1905 by E.W. Hornung and features the gentleman thief Arthur J. Raffles and his sidekick Harry “Bunny” Manders. Raffles is a gentleman thief and a cricketer. He is always accompanied by his sidekick Bunny Manders. Together, and often to Bunny’s dismay, they roam around London and rob jewels and mansions belonging to the high society. Raffles was one of the first literary signs of revolt against Victorian times. For the first time, a criminal is made into a hero, symbolizing a break from the old order.

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