A chaste maid in Cheapside — Ebook

Auteur : Thomas Middleton
Publication : 30/07/2016
Langue : English
Éditeur : Les Editions de Londres
ISBN : 9781910628805
Catégories : Art dramatique / Anglais, irlandais, écossais, gallois

« A Chaste maid in Cheapside » is a « city comedy » written in 1613 by Thomas Middleton. The maid at the center of the story is Moll Yellowhammer, the daughter of a rich Cheapside goldsmith. Her father wants to marry her to Whorehund, whom she does not like, whilst she is in love with a man called Touchwood Junior. Her intended husband has promised one of his mistresses to Moll’s brother, whilst he himself is having an affair with a married woman.

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