The mystery of a Hansom cab — Ebook

Auteur : Fergus Hume
Publication : 01/11/2014
Langue : English
Éditeur : Les Editions de Londres
ISBN : 9781909782983
Catégories : Fiction / Classiques

“The mystery of a Hansom cab” is an 1886 crime novel by New Zealander writer Fergus, often considered to be one of the most famous crime classics of the Victorian era. Set in 1880s Melbourne, the novel tells the story of a man murdered mysteriously whilst alone in the back of a Hansom cab. Inspired by the works, famous at the time throughout the English-speaking world of Gaboriau and Boisgobey, Fergus Hume created a great novel from the original Le crime de l’Omnibus. A must-read classic!

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