Blood — Ebook

Auteur : Maggie Gee
Publication : 07/02/2019
Langue : English
Éditeur : Fentum Press
ISBN : 9781909572133
Catégories : Fiction / Littérature, Fiction / Psychologique

• Revenge parable from top novelist, set in angry, anarchic times, where terrorism has become routine • Fans of Maggie Gee include: Zadie Smith, Hilary Mantel, Patrick Ness, Jane Gardam, Elaine Showalter, Julian Barnes • ‘Supremely artful’ Lionel Shriver; ‘Gripping, original, highly entertaining - Gee is superb’ J G Ballard. • Satire on power, corruption, capitalism, war-mongering, bullying, racism, nationalism, terrorism, told with infectious, wicked glee, with upbeat ending - a literary and commercial tour de force. • A scintillating read, on patricide, on retribution for personal or political wrongs - powerfully funny; energetic, vibrant language. • Fast-moving thriller, with serious questions: do we need ‘monstrous women’ to oppose bullies of women and the weak? How can democracies respond to fundamentalism? What is the relationship between vengeance and the law? • Indictment of contemporary society set in comic, Gothic mystery novel; an engaging read. Examines violence begetting violence, the dark spots of our psyche informing our political motivations, beautifully tied together with that of family politics. • For fans of We Need to Talk about Kevin, White Teeth, the work of Naomi Alderman, JG Ballard, Ann Patchett. Endorsements ‘Wise and beautiful - about what it feels like to be alive’ Zadie Smith ‘Fast-moving, energetic, constantly surprising’ Hilary Mantel ‘Gripping, original and highly entertaining - Maggie Gee at her superb best’ J G Ballard ‘Supremely artful’ Lionel Shriver ‘Hang on to your hats, it’s a joy’ Jane Gardam ‘Wickedly smart, funny and fearless, plus that rarest of all things, genuinely surprising’ Patrick Ness ‘Worldly, witty, enjoyable, impressive’ Doris Lessing ‘Giddily playful, cunning, gloriously funny’ Metro Best Summer Reads ‘Maggie Gee’s enchanting Virginia Woolf in Manhattan reimagines Woolf as a timeless, global inspiration for women’ Elaine Showalter ‘A witty book . . . It’s got everything in a novel that I really like’ Jacqueline Wilson’s Six Best Books, Daily Express ‘Audacious, playful and dazzlingly written’ Glasgow Herald ‘Maggie Gee has pulled off a remarkable feat . . . Her light touch and impeccable craft ensure invention comes hand in hand with readability. Gee’s strength as a writer is to allow the fantastical and plausible to coexist. [She] has made Woolf abundantly human once more in this exhilarating novel, with its passages of lyrical beauty that celebrate our material existence, and its passionate defence of imaginative writing’ Virginia Woolf Society of Great Britain Bulletin ‘Maggie Gee has never written better’ Rose Tremain ‘Excellent. Exciting stuff’ Fay Weldon ‘A tour de force - brilliantly structured, surprising, humane, and suspenseful’ Elaine Showalter ‘Brilliant, just brilliant; deserves to be published in every language’ Hillary Jordan ‘So rich it is almost aromatic; an impressive and important novel’ Nigella Lawson ‘Outstanding: tender, sexy and alarming’ Jim Crace ‘Wickedly funny contains lines that sparkle’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Up there with Orwell and Huxley’ Jeremy Paxman, BBC ‘Maggie Gee is one of our most ambitious and challenging novelists’ Sunday Times ‘Dazzling, alternately lyrical and austere, unbearably touching’ Observer ‘For all its passion and intricacy, it is also a very funny book: rewarding, carefully written, using language echoing the water that ebbs and flows, and eventually floods the pages’ Times Literary Supplement ‘Sublimely funny and infinitely subtle, pure delight’ Daily Telegraph ‘Energetic and beguiling’ Sunday Telegraph ‘A fantastic book’ Mariella Frostrup, BBC ‘She writes elegantly, unsentimentally, expertly’ Independent ‘This beautifully observed, intelligent and moving novel is one of those rare things - a small, carefully wrapped surprise that gets better and better with the unravelling’ Scotsman ‘A moving, funny, engrossing book’ Observer ‘A rattling good page-turning yarn’ George Melly ‘Mordantly witty, unsparing, politically savvy, a beautifully clear and bracing vision’ Times Literary Supplement ‘One of the year’s finest novels’ Literary Review ‘Compulsively readable’ Guardian ‘Astonishing . . . beautifully written’ Big Issue ‘A transcendent work’ Daily Telegraph ‘Intensely touching’ Financial Times ‘Maggie Gee is superb. Elegant, humorous and surprising, this is a classy performance’ The Times ‘A moving, funny, engrossing book’ Observer ‘A remarkable and ambitious book, a tribute to Maggie Gee’s imaginative power’ Literary Review ‘The most exhilarating novel I’ve read all year’ Scotland on Sunday ‘Maggie Gee’s immense talent catches passion on the wing . . . a romance of a truth and depth that’s never without humour’ Mail on Sunday

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