Dispatches Against Displacement — Ebook

Field Notes from San Francisco’s Housing Wars

Auteur : James Tracy
Publication : 29/09/2014
Langue : English
Pages : 200
Éditeur : AK Press
ISBN : 9781849352062
Catégories : Science sociale / Classes sociales, Science politique / Politique publique / Planification de la ville et développement urbain, Science sociale / Sociologie / Urbain, Entreprise et économie / Immobilier
• James Tracy is a Bay Area native and is well respected as a community organizer, author, and poet.

• The changes facing San Francisco, wrought by the waves of cash flowing up from Silicon Valley, are a hot national story. Evictions of long time SF residents, outrageous rents and home prices, and public demonstrations against the "Google buses" have been national and international news for the last year.

• Tracy's book focuses on the long arc of displacement over the last eighteen years of "dot com" boom and bust in San Francisco, offering the necessary perspective to contemplate and analyze today's latest urban horrors. As well, patterns in federal and state housing going back decades are highlighted.

Dispatches puts the hardships of the working poor and middle class front and center, while highlighting the particular hurdles faced by women and minorities in housing struggles.

• James is a cofounder the San Francisco Community Land Trust, which uses public and private money to buy up housing stock, taking it out of the real estate market, and providing affordable housing for generations to come.

• James has been on the forefront of housing solutions in SF since before Google existed!

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