Livre numérique Thorgal - Volume 31 - Neokora

Thorgal - Volume 31 - Neokora — Ebook

Auteurs : Yann ,
Publication : 22/05/2023
Langue : English
Éditeur : Cinebook
Collections : Thorgal (english version)
ISBN : 9781800448254
Catégories : Bande dessinée / Fantasy, Bande dessinée / Général
Thorgal, Jolan, Wolfcub and the two children they rescued from the Selkie are sailing home when they come across a drifting ship. The crew is dead, but a strange, obviously magical creature appears suddenly and attacks. That is merely the first in a series of bizarre events that will force Thorgal to return to a place with strong ties to his own past, as much to protect his family as to prevent terrible weapons from falling into the wrong hands …

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