Cowboy’s Alien Secret — Ebook

Auteur : David Paul Vorphal
Publication : 04/06/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 172
Éditeur : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781796038804
Catégories : Fiction / Science Fiction / Général

Vern Carson, known as Cowboy, was the first on the scene when a UFO crashed on his ranch near the town of Davenport, Washington. A day after the crash, Carol, who was his girlfriend, and the sheriff discovered Cowboy missing for a few days. After his encounter with one of the aliens and his five days on their main UFOFROM, he showed up at Carol’s Café. To avoid Carol, the sheriff, the townspeople, the news reporter, and the UFO investigators from questioning him, he kept his secret for twenty years by saying, “I don’t remember.” However, many believed the Cowboy was abducted by the aliens. The Davenport businesspeople and city and county government did whatever they could to keep the tourists coming to visit with their UFO museum. Vern and Carol married and retired from ranching. One evening, they were entertaining the former sheriff and his wife. As the couples sat in the porch chairs to watch the sunset, an event took place that changed the lives of Vern and Carol.

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