Rachael — Ebook

The Epiphany of Fear

Auteur : Beulah Williams
Publication : 04/06/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 164
Éditeur : Xlibris US
ISBN : 9781796033212
Catégories : Fiction / Religieux, Religion / Spiritualité

Beulah Williams was licensed as a minister and received advance training in Biblical studies. This includes experiencing opportunities to exercise her gift of speaking and teaching on many different occasions. She has exhibited faithful service in many capacities, and has been considered for inclusion into the Cambridge Who’s Who Among Executive and professional Women. In addition to this book ‘Rachael’ she has published ‘Inspiration Rainbows’ and ‘Today is a beautiful Day’ Throughout this book, you can see the results of her experience in life by the way she tells this story. Beulah currently resides in Philadelphia with her husband, James Williams. She is retired from retail management and was honored with certificates and awards from the company for her service. She is a former choir director, Baptismal counselor, Sunday school teacher, evangelist, and intercessor. She has dedicated her life to ecclesiastic services. In her later years she has dedicated her time to enjoy all of her grandchildren.

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