The Customer Success Pioneer — Ebook

The first 12 months of your journey to growth

Auteur : Kellie Lucas
Publication : 09/05/2019
Langue : English
Pages : 220
Éditeur : Practical Inspiration Publishing
ISBN : 9781788600408
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Relations clientèle, Entreprise et économie / Vente / Management
Primary Target Audience
Senior B2B SaaS professionals with a customer focus, specifically if they have been tasked with creating and building a Customer Success function from step zero.

Secondary Target Audience
Due to the growing trend to ensure all businesses are focused on the customer and the fundamental principle that Customer Success must be cross-functional, secondary target audiences will include and are not limited to:
• Sales professionals
• Marketing executives
• Product Management / Development
• Customer Experience teams (Support, Training, Services)
• Senior Executive team and C-Suite
Lastly and definitely not least, this book will also be a bible for and useful to entry-level and transitioning professionals wishing to make their mark in the spotlighted Customer Success arena. It will give them a goal to aspire to and an approach with which to ensure their success.

Key sites/publications:
Customer Success Association
CSM Insight
Customer Success Europe

Key events:
ulse Europe 2018 (November 18)
SaaStock Annual (February 19)

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