Mapping Managerial Implications of Green Strategy — Ebook

A Framework for Sustainable Innovation

Auteurs : George Tesar, Hamid Moini, Olav Jull Sørensen
Publication : 18/01/2018
Langue : English
Pages : 212
Éditeur : WSPC (EUROPE)
ISBN : 9781786344823
Catégories : Entreprise et économie / Gestion industrielle, Entreprise et économie / Marketing / Général, Entreprise et économie / Comportement organisationnel

Around the world, small manufacturing enterprises in market-based economies are facing daily challenges posed by emerging green imperatives and opportunities. These issues impact future decisions, allocation of resources, and encourage managers to refocus their strategies.

This book investigates how smaller manufacturing enterprises commit to green marketing strategies, mapping all major parts of the design process throughout the entire value-creating channel. It draws together a comprehensive framework to understand, from the perspective of marketing management, what managerial considerations are important in committing to green initiatives.

Presenting an active debate and policies on environmental sustainability for small and medium sizes manufacturing companies, it focuses on aspects of innovative marketing practices in response to the need for businesses to incorporate strategies that generate a smaller carbon footprint.

Aimed at an international audience, Mapping Managerial Implications of Green Strategy is an invaluable resource for managers looking for green solutions, and doctoral and graduate students looking for research topics.

  • Preface
  • About the Authors
  • Introduction to Managerial Implications of Green Strategy
  • Commitment to Green Strategy and External Forces
  • Enterprise Action, Marketing Management, and Green Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies for Green Issues
  • Financial Analysis of Green Projects
  • Competitive Positioning Subject to Green Marketing Strategies
  • Emerging Green Concerns and Managers of Smaller Manufacturing Enterprises
  • International Implications of Green Strategies and Consumption Behavior
  • Integration
  • Postscript
  • Additional Resources
  • Index

Readership: Highly recommended for both students and managers working inindustry.
Keywords:SMEs;Green Issues;Marketing Strategies;Carbon Footprint;Management StrategiesReview:Key Features:
  • As far as the authors can determine based on a search of university libraries, publishers, and other sources, the proposed publication focusing especially on green issues in the context of marketing and financial activities among smaller manufacturing enterprises does not compare to any other available publication
  • Some of the concepts, framework and ideas introduced in this book can be found partially discussed in academic and professional, mostly consulting, publications, but they have not been shaped into a comprehensive framework and presented in the form of suggestions and approaches to practicing managers and students

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