Hatred of Democracy — Ebook

Auteur : Jacques Ranciere
Publication : 01/01/2014
Langue : English
Pages : 112
Éditeur : Verso
ISBN : 9781781685136
Catégories : Philosophie / Politique

“A piercing essay on the definitions and redefinitions of the term ‘democracy.’”– Times Higher Education Supplement

In this vehement defence of democracy, Jacques Rancière explodes the complacency of Western politicians who pride themselves as the defenders of political freedom. As America and its allies use their military might in the misguided attempt to export a desiccated version democracy, and reactionary strands in mainstream political opinion abandon civil liberties, Rancière argues that true democracy—government by all—is held in profound contempt by the new ruling class. In a compelling and timely analysis, Hatred of Democracy rethinks the subversive power of the democratic ideal.

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