Archives in the Digital Age — Ebook

Standards, Policies and Tools

Auteur : Lina Bountouri
Publication : 03/06/2017
Langue : English
Pages : 108
Éditeur : Chandos Publishing
ISBN : 9781780634586
Catégories : Arts et disciplines linguistiques / Bibliothèque et sciences de l'information / Archives et bibliothèques spécialisées*, Arts et disciplines linguistiques / Bibliothèque et sciences de l'information / Administration et gestion*

Archives in the Digital Age: Standards, Policies and Tools discusses semantic web technologies and their increased usage in distributing archival material. The book is a useful manual for archivists and information specialists working in cultural heritage institutions, including archives, libraries, and museums, providing detailed analyses of how metadata and standards are used to manage archival material, and how this material is disseminated through the web using the Internet, the semantic web, and social media technologies.

Following an introduction from the author, the book is divided into five sections that explore archival description, digitization, the preservation of archives, the promotion of archival material through social media, and current trends in archival science.

  • Addresses the most important issues within the archival community, covering current trends and the future of archival science
  • Presents an original perspective on the use of social media by archival institutions
  • Provides innovative, interdisciplinary research that incorporates archives and information management
  • Discusses the dissemination of archival material using semantic web technologies

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